The journey starts off with our main protagonist, Ott, who embodies the persona of a normal, albeit special, teenager that experienced his ritual coming of age through a wondrous odyssey. He has humble beginnings that stemmed from Ramthep City. Born from the love of fellow black smiths from the Iron Gong Village, he was unaware that his life was to undertake a massive change when the Yaksa (Evil Giant Forces) invaded. Having no recollection of his parents, Ott was raised by General Pann in a small fishing village. Having believed that the General was his true father, Ott displays the temperament of a typical teenager; always questioning the General’s stringent behaviour towards him. Ott was pushed to practice the ancient arts of Muay Thai with the Elder Guru; furthermore, he was urged to master his inner thoughts through meditation lessons with the Venerable Sinn. After years of training, he is about to set off on a life journey. A journey that will take him to the kingdom that he once left behind; a kingdom that once left him behind. The kingdom that may hold the answer to the 9Satra, a tightly kept secret held dearly by those in the know. Ott’s destiny, one would say may have already been written in the stars; as a protagonist, he epitomises the journey of growing up through learning the arts, mastering the mind, and demonstrating faith.

Xiao Lan

Xiaolan embodies a character that sacrifices a dream to pursue a more righteous cause. She personifies the ideal feminism, robust and strong on the outside, gentle and kind on the inside. Her love for music knows no bounds. Having mastered the ‘gu-zheng’ at a ripe young age, she had dreams of pursuing a life of music before fate intervened. Her life would change due to the invasion of the Yaksa, the massacre of her parents, and subsequent capture of her brother by the Dehayaksa. She laid down her ‘gu-zheng’ and her dream in order to pick up a more fierce weapon. Through the years she became a maestro of long-range weaponry, designed and customised by her right-hand Tao Choi. She laboured her way to the top of the Ming Pirates, and became the captain of the “Soaring Cloud Airship.” Her history has taught her to become resilient and rugged; and it is not until she meets Ott that her facade begins to waver and the old “Xiaolan” surfaces. Xiaolan sets an example for all her disciples; an illustration that even with fate having already dealt poor cards, through perseverance and grit, even the most dismal kismet can be changed.


Introducing the quick-witted and nimble Vanara Vata the 3rd, prince of the ‘Maneecot’ Kingdom. As fate would have it, the Yaksas wreaked havoc on his kingdom and stripped the prince of his royal linage. Vata’s life of luxury changed within a blink of an eye; having now become a monkey with no name to his face, nor food in his stomach. His predicament has led him to a life of petty crime and banditry much to the citizens’ annoyance. His fate would then cross with the Red Asura’s at Nakawan City. This would lead to a far-flung friendship that defied the odds, with the Red Asura becoming his main confidant. Vata would really on his nimbleness and shrewdness to steal various foods; however, if the need for physical protection arises, he utilises a special armour which possesses various shape-shifting abilities. He will ultimately become a mainstay with our protagonist Ott in his odyssey to the kingdom of Ramthep. Vata’s journey to the kingdom started off as one of revenge and ill-feeling; however, along the way he may discover something about life, something about love, something about friendship.

Red Asura

Leading a life betrayed by his own kind, the Red Asura sets out on a quest to rescue those that were lost to him. Having been born as a ‘Yaksa’ he was assumed to have the qualities affiliated with the group. But, he proved them wrong. The Red Asura is seen to possess an empathetic morality, choosing to forgive rather than punish. He also is capable of love; having fallen for a human damsel early in life which angered his peers and led to his eventual exile. His friendship with Vata and Ott will eventually lead him back to the kingdom of Ramthep to find his lost love. This time however, he does not stand among the Yaksas as one of theirs, but rather, he stands against them.


Dehayaksa, the God of the Yaksas, formally named Taraka from birth. He was the offspring of Annata who ruled over the Kirigan Kingdom. His father subsequently fell victim to the invasion of foreign Yaksas; as a result, Taraka and his sibling spent their childhood in refuge. Having to endure the discrimination and abuse of being born as a Yaksa throughout childhood, Taraka developed a burning hatred for the human race. He used his mistreatment and abuse as a catalyse to develop into the main antagonist for our story. Through the years living as a refuge, he mastered the arts of combat, rising up the ranks until he became the leader of a group of Yaksas. Life experience has hardened his character to an unforgiving one. He sets out for power and conquest, stopping at nothing to bring back the honour and glory that his kind, and his father, once possessed.

Black Jager

The story of Prantamin (Black Jagger) is one of sorrow and betrayal. Originally a member of the Tamin tribe, he possessed an unmatchable skill in the art of hunting. Living became almost unbearable for him due to witnessing his beloved mother’s execution. The intolerable pain of losing his mother broke Prantamin emotionally, leading to severe memory loss regarding his past. Later in life, he was sold into the dark trade of hired assassins, used as a weapon by air pirates. While under their control, he discovered the secret regarding the death of his mother. The knowledge sparked uncontrollable rage and resentment in his heart, leading to a rampage and massacre of the entire air pirate fleet. Intrigued by this relentless power, the Dehayaksa decided to employ this broken warrior to fulfil his needs. Left with only the desire for destruction and to serve his benefactor, the Prantamin becomes a deadly weapon for the Dehayaksa; a weapon that has nothing to live for and no will to live.